To Blog or Not to Blog…that is the question

Well, here it is….finally.  My Blog.  After years and years of sitting of the fence about this I finally picked a side and thought WHY NOT?   I make bags.  I test bag patterns for bag pattern designers.  I love taking photos, and I love sharing my tips and little bag making secrets with people!

So, without further ado……this is what I sewed today…


This Satchel type bag is a sweet little one I sewed up to test an upcoming pattern for Hold It Right Here patterns.  I used DILL (I love that colour name!) Essex Linen combined with Alison Glass’ new Seventy Six line. The pattern calls for foam, woven fusible interfacing, a flap closure, some D rings, clasps and some zippers as well. piping is optional, but almost ALWAYS gives a a professional look.  I do love the look that woven interfacing gives to the exterior of a bag, but i always substitute a NON woven fusible interfacing for the interior.  This saves me a bit of money and makes no difference in the end product whatsoever!

This is not a huge purse but it has a lot of features!  As always, I customized my bag slightly…I added concentric top stitching rows on my flap and installed a Turn Lock closure instead of the Thumb Lock called for in the pattern.  I thought this fancy, schmancy Circle Lock looked great with the Alison Glass fabric on the exterior flap since it echoed the circles in her print.  I always try to incorporate hardware that goes with the “feel’ of a bag…maybe I am a bit OCD that way, but oh well.IMG_7519EDIT

Both the front and back have these round cut out slip pockets, the back actually has an additional zippered pocket installed within the slip pocket.  Don’t worry though, the instructions on how to do this are very clear and easy to follow. IMG_7513EDIT

The pattern calls for a shoulder length strap, however my customers LOVE cross body bags so I extended mine to 60″ and added a slider to make it adjustable..  The bag has loads of storage pockets inside including a divided slip pocket and another zipper pocket.  The silhouette is outlined in piping, a feature I really love!IMG_7527EDIT

This pattern will be available for purchase in Hold It Right There’s Etsy shop, and her Craftsy Shop.  Incidentally, my bag will also be listed in my Etsy shop for sale.


  1. Your bags are absolutely stunning, and this is no exception! I am so honored to have you test my patterns. I love seeing your renderings of the designs, and I’ve learned tons from your expertise. xo

    1. barabooboo says:

      Thank You so much Suzanna, your patterns are so lovely, I am sure you will be very successful in this path!

  2. Marsha Law says:

    This bag! The shape, the pockets, the colours — all happy making.

    1. barabooboo says:

      Thank you Marsha.

  3. They are both very cute bags! Its good to pick up tips from more experienced people while reading how they constructed and played with a pattern. I like your writing style and will read your blog as you post more.

    1. barabooboo says:

      Thank you so much! I intend to post MANY of my time saving and money saving tips. I use a lot of them, an have always wanted to share with people.

  4. Reece says:

    Yay! Welcome to the blogger club! I love that colour name for the Essex Linen too, and it matches the Alison Glass so perfectly. Another beautiful bag, well done Michelle!

    1. barabooboo says:

      Thanks Reece! I want to order an entire bolt of that linen…and roll around in it… no, kidding! It is the colour of my exterior doors on my home and the accent colour throughout my house, so it’s fair to say that it’s my favourite colour.

  5. Woohoo! I’m so excited you have a blog! Plus, of course, the bag is GORGEOUS! That Dill is calling me now. I’ll have to hunt for it 😊 Yay!

    1. barabooboo says:

      It is to die for. I had to get it from the US because it’s new. I have seen that Fabric Spot (I believe) has it now though.

  6. Sherry McFall says:

    I found your blog through the give away and love your blog. I just started with the mini NCW but I have to get the Glenwillow pattern. Love the fabric color you used.

    1. barabooboo says:

      Oh! so awesome! Thank you so much! Happy Sewing on your Mini NCW.

  7. coollizzie says:

    Michelle! I’m finally getting around to making the Glenwillow, and followed the link from “Hold It Right There’s” website to your blog. AND you’ve answered all the questions I was puzzling over in your review of this pattern – thank you so much.
    Well written, helpful post! Now I’m going to look at other posts!

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