You don't need EXPENSIVE clips, rulers, or machines to sew, you DO need a little creativity & a willingness to try…..


Selfish Sewing

Sometimes, I set my bag orders aside to make something for no reason at all, except for pure pleasure.  Yesterday, was one of those days.  I have no planned destination for this, as I think it’s a bit big for a bag flap at 16″ wide.  So, I will need to think on it for a while.  I could always make a cover for my sewing machine but my machine is never not in use so doesn’t really require a cover.  Maybe a large bag though such as a duffel or a tote…I need to look through my patterns! 

(this post contains 1 affiliate link to a pouch pattern, that I will be compensated for if someone buys it)

I bought the Sewing Machine paper piecing pattern from Quiet Play’s Craftsy Shop. I love their piecing patterns, and it’s not difficult at all to do.  There are many free tutorials and videos on the web if you google for them.  I can’t remember which one I used as it was so long ago.  Here’s what the pattern looks like, I just print on regular printer paper because I cannot be bothered to change my settings to accept a thinner paper, and also I don’t actually have thinner paper.  The regular paper is slightly harder to remove at the end, but it’s no big deal really.IMG_7563EDITThen the next part is always my favourite, sometimes I spend hours doing it but not this time as I needed a rainbow and that only takes a few minute to pull from my stash.  I don’t own solids in EVERY colour so I supplement with some polka dots when I do rainbow piecing. IMG_7556EDIT

Then, I just start sewing…and I keep going until it’s done.  It’s only a few hours to piece the whole thing. Don’t be alarmed at how the back looks, it’s a messy business, paper piecing.  Or at least it is when I do it.IMG_7570EDITIMG_7571EDIT

It’s done in sections, that are joined to make rectangular pieces that are then sewn together to make up the whole block.  Here’s the finished block, it does need a strip of black across the top but I won’t add that until I figure out what I am making from it. IMG_7575IMG_7574EDITThere’s nothing like the satisfying feeling of finishing a pretty block!  A while ago I also bought the MINI Sewing Machine block from Quiet Play,  and I made it into a Filigree Double Zip Pouch pattern by Sew Sweetness.  I made this one for a swap.IMG_6346EDIT

I hope this post will be a little brightness in your day, and inspire you to maybe give paper piecing a try.  It really is easy and FUN! There are many, many FREE patterns out there, Quiet Play has several on Craftsy but if you search with their search engine you can find even more.


Sweet Pea!

(This post has affiliate links, I would be compensated if you purchased another pattern from the website, but this pattern is actually FREE!)

I think it’s fair to say we all love FREE stuff, right?  I test patterns for Blue Calla Patterns and I tested this adorable little pattern a while ago.  This is the Sweet Pea!  It’s a FREE pattern.  Isn’t it just so … sweet?  My daughters love this size of bag, but it’s also a great size for adults too.


I used Anna Maria Horner’s Fibs and Fables combined with a cinnamon coloured faux leather on this one.  It’s outlined in piping on the side panels, which by the way have a very refreshing silhouette.IMG_5778EDIT

You also will learn how to make that little tassel yourself and can apply that to whatever bag you want!
This bag is fairly easy to make, and also quick, so it’s great for a quick birthday or teacher gift.

Enough already from me…go get your FREE pattern here.  Come back and let me know what you think??




To Blog or Not to Blog…that is the question

Well, here it is….finally.  My Blog.  After years and years of sitting of the fence about this I finally picked a side and thought WHY NOT?   I make bags.  I test bag patterns for bag pattern designers.  I love taking photos, and I love sharing my tips and little bag making secrets with people!

So, without further ado……this is what I sewed today…


This Satchel type bag is a sweet little one I sewed up to test an upcoming pattern for Hold It Right Here patterns.  I used DILL (I love that colour name!) Essex Linen combined with Alison Glass’ new Seventy Six line. The pattern calls for foam, woven fusible interfacing, a flap closure, some D rings, clasps and some zippers as well. piping is optional, but almost ALWAYS gives a a professional look.  I do love the look that woven interfacing gives to the exterior of a bag, but i always substitute a NON woven fusible interfacing for the interior.  This saves me a bit of money and makes no difference in the end product whatsoever!

This is not a huge purse but it has a lot of features!  As always, I customized my bag slightly…I added concentric top stitching rows on my flap and installed a Turn Lock closure instead of the Thumb Lock called for in the pattern.  I thought this fancy, schmancy Circle Lock looked great with the Alison Glass fabric on the exterior flap since it echoed the circles in her print.  I always try to incorporate hardware that goes with the “feel’ of a bag…maybe I am a bit OCD that way, but oh well.IMG_7519EDIT

Both the front and back have these round cut out slip pockets, the back actually has an additional zippered pocket installed within the slip pocket.  Don’t worry though, the instructions on how to do this are very clear and easy to follow. IMG_7513EDIT

The pattern calls for a shoulder length strap, however my customers LOVE cross body bags so I extended mine to 60″ and added a slider to make it adjustable..  The bag has loads of storage pockets inside including a divided slip pocket and another zipper pocket.  The silhouette is outlined in piping, a feature I really love!IMG_7527EDIT

This pattern will be available for purchase in Hold It Right There’s Etsy shop, and her Craftsy Shop.  Incidentally, my bag will also be listed in my Etsy shop for sale.