Winner of the Canada 150 In the Bag Blog Tour

Thank you all for reading and commenting on my Canada 150 post!! I have randomly chosen a winner to receive the Free TOTE pattern of their choice from Blue Calla Patterns.  This is selected from the comments on my Canada 150 post.

(Re: the many Giveaways for the Blog Tour, please scroll back to see the Rafflecopter link is in my Canada 150 Blog tour posting at the bottom.  When you click, it will take you to the widget where the names are published.)

For my OWN giveaway though, I had to do this OLD SCHOOL!  I wrote everyone’s names down on a piece of paper, cut them up, mixed them into a bowl, and drew a name.  I will try contacting them (as best as I can because several of you don’t really have a profile/email).  After 48 hrs, if it has not been claimed, I will draw again!  and same goes until I can actually contact the winner!

Here are some pics of the draw bowl!

AND the Winner is!!!  Rachelle Bigham Baker!!

Please contact Blue Calla for your tote pattern Rachelle!!

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  1. Reece says:

    Way to go Rachelle!

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